The proper humidity level in your home will help you to breathe easier and feel more comfortable – No more of that dry eyes, nose and throat feeling when you wake up in the morning. Static electricity will also be reduced or eliminated completely with humidification. It can also help save energy because proper humidification allows you to feel warmer at lower thermostat settings. The investment in your home and the furniture in it will be protected because the right humidity prevents wood from cracking and peeling.

Flow-through Humidifier
A flow-through humidifier is an easy addition to any forced air heating system. Unlike humidifiers with a reservoir where stagnant water can quickly become the perfect breeding environment for mould and mildew, a flow through unit adds humidity to the air in your home without the growth and spread of mould or mildew. Designed to operate without the buildup of minerals or mould, it’s also easy to maintain because there are no moving parts.

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