Geothermal Heating Solutions

Geothermal heating solutions allow you to receive the full value from an energy source you already own: your land or water. Geothermal saves energy as it is renewable and efficient.

Some benefits to using geothermal technology include:

  • Reduced operating costs when compared to the cost of gas, oil, propane or electric furnaces
  • Temperature control in the winter and in the summer, as well as year-round hot water for home use
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than two-thirds compared to similar systems that use carbon-based fuel
  • No odours are released, making them perfect for highly-insulated buildings, as well as for people who are allergic or sensitive to noxious gases and poor air quality
  • Equipment is located inside buildings, which eliminates the adverse effects of nature, accidents or vandalism. This helps to prolong the system’s life and efficiency
  • Increased safety. Geothermal systems are non-flammable and there is no need to store fuel
  • Discounted “home insurance” rates

For all your geo thermal heating and cooling solutions, ClimateCare is the name you can trust. Our geo thermal systems provide heating and cooling comfort for your home all year round.