Geo-Thermal Cooling

Geothermal is not only for heating. During summer the ground around your house, or the water deep in a pond or lake, is typically cooler than the air outside. A geothermal system can take advantage of this fact to help cool your house.

Some benefits to using geothermal technology include:

  • Reduced operating costs when compared to the cost of gas, oil, propane or electric furnaces
  • Temperature control in the winter as well as in the summer, as well as year-round hot water for home use
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than two-thirds compared to similar systems that use carbon-based fuel
  • No odours are released, making them perfect for highly-insulated buildings, as well as for people who are allergic or sensitive to noxious gases and poor air quality
  • Equipment is located inside buildings, which eliminates the adverse effects of nature such as any accidents or vandalism. This helps to prolong the system’s life and efficiency
  • Increased safety. Geothermal systems are non-flammable and there is no need to store fuel
  • Discounted “home insurance” rates